Composite Specs

A composite requirements specification is a set of different types of requirements with different formats. For example, specifying: (1) domain functions with a user manual, (2) quality goals with a tailored quality model, (3) quality support functions with conditional logic formats and natural language, and (4) constraints and supplier attributes with natural language.

Composite specs should entail composite validation strategies, composite verification strategies, and composite requirements management platforms.  Composite specs should be the norm i.e., one size does not fit all (types of requirements)

Dan Berry describes the use of a user manual to specify domain functions

David Gelperin describes a quality attribute model that can be tailored into quality attribute requirements

Quality Goals.pdf Quality Goals.pdf
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Requirements-focused Failure Analysis

The goal is to identify and mitigate the causes of major requirements defects.  Success requires trust and close cooperation between test and development.

David Gelperin describes the causes and mitigations of defective requirements

Amy Edmondson describes the challenges of learning from failure

Strategies for Learning from Failure.pdf Strategies for Learning from Failure.pdf
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Demonstrating Developer Understanding

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Checking Requirements

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